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See Construction Progress From BE&K

BE&K has a page that takes a photo of the North Charleston Boeing plants construction progress every 15 minutes. It already has over 2500 pictures. It will be really cool to see the 787 Dreamliner plant come to life. Check it out 

Construction Site Progress

Construction Resources

BE&K (Awarded the contract for building the plant)

For general construction inquiries, call Marion Kobusch of BE&K at 864-250-5011 or e-mail boeingsc@kbr.com.

O.L Thompson (Currently doing the Site work)

site work Questions, contact David Hand (843)-572-0088 E-mail dhand@oltc.com.
For Employment at O.L Thompson Contact Kristie Lawler (843)-572-0088 e-mail: klawler@oltc.com

CMC South Carolina (Steel work for the plant)



Assembly Plant Employment

To apply for Boeing manufacturing / Assembly jobs, go to www.sctechjobs.com.
This is where you will sign up for the State CATT classes.

Catt class applications for the future plant will not be taken until June, but you can apply now for jobs at the existing facility.

Salary and Engineering positions can be reviewed on the official Boeing Web Site  Or by following the link below: